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1.  I have been off from work this week.  I haven’t done very much at all around the house, just a few things I wanted to do.  I spent time with friends, rested, went to Adoration, read, and let my mind wander wherever it wanted to go.  Today I am meeting a friend for lunch and will prepare my husband’s birthday dinner for tomorrow.
2.  Tomorrow will be a busy day.  Seven men are being ordained to the permanent diaconate for our diocese.  I never tire of going to celebrate an ordination.  This is the first group since my husband has been in formation that I spent time with and got to know, so I am looking forward to it very much.
3.  It is also my husband’s birthday tomorrow.  He decided on lasagna and meatballs for his dinner, so I started cooking last night.  I made the sauce already and today I’ll prepare the lasagna and meatballs.  I haven’t made sauce in forever but his taste test last night says it just needs more salt, so that’s good.
4.  I have a new job!  I am going back to faith formation in a different parish.  The good thing is that I am not leaving our parish so I will still be a part of a great community. I am also going to be working again with my former pastor.  Selfishly, this is all looks just about perfect for me.  I hope a replacement can be found for me quickly and the transition goes smoothly.  I keep praying and looking to God’s guidance.
5.  Monday we are going back to our Hcg diet.  It is a homeopathic drop, rather than injections.  The diet is very simple to follow and very low in calories.  It makes grocery shopping and meal planning easy, but going out difficult.  It is easier with both my husband and I doing it together.  Best of all, it works and I am not seeing weight gain when I go off of it.  I look at it as short term discomfort for long time gain, no loss, well, you get what I am saying.
6.  The parish ministry fair last weekend went very well.  The Family Feud game was a big hit, staff won over the clergy and I could see the game show being the main reason to get together.  A parishioner found an on line version of the game that allowed you to input your own questions and answers and that really made a difference.  It was very realistic, sound effects and all. 
7.  Some major changes are going on in my external and internal life.  I am in awe as always of God’s hand leading and guiding me.  I feel I am working with myself instead of against myself.  And I keep praying for the grace to walk the walk.

7 Quick Takes

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