1.  This weekend there is a Rachel’s Vineyard retreat in our diocese.  This retreat amazes me.  Briefly, it’s purpose is to bring healing to those who have had their baby aborted. You can find out more at Rachel’s Vineyard Ministries.   When it first began, I was in charge of the kitchen for the retreats.  I did not have much interaction with the retreatants but would greet them upon arrival and then go cook.  When they first arrived the level of pain and discomfort was apparent in the way they carried themselves and avoided making eye contact for more than a few seconds.  By the end of the weekend, the joy was so beautiful to see on their faces.  I don’t cook for the group any more, but I do pray.  So, tonight and tomorrow I will make my way to the chapel, sit with Jesus in Adoration and pray for those on the retreat.  Please pray where you are too.
2.  It is seminary weekend!  I have some fun planned as well as some items to get off my to-do list.  Fun includes seeing friends, finish wall hanging quilt ,and fabric shopping.  To-do list is longer, , send a package to our daughter in Australia, clean my office at home, laundry, grocery shopping and work on Sunday.  Ugh, way to many to dos!  Anybody want to come and help me?
3.  We celebrated August birthdays in the office the other day.  All were men; ages 33, 45, 53.  So, sometimes the boss, aka our pastor, asks the question what were you doing when you were xx years old.  Since most of us were working there at 45, a few of us not yet 53, he asked about 33.  I was 33 in 1997 (47, I’ll save you the math) and could not specifically recall what I was doing.  In general, I knew I was going to basketball games, scout meetings, involved in religious ed at my parish and all the other things parents do when their children are 10 and 8.  I couldn’t remember where I worked so I looked it up on my resume.  I was teaching, but I don’t know what or where.  At first this disturbed me, but then I realized it didn’t matter. I was mainly being a mom, which I miss now.
4.  Today’s readings include the parable of the wise and foolish virgins.  A reminder that though we may think we see signs all around us of doom and gloom and the end of the world is coming, “Therefore, stay awake, for you know neither the day nor the hour.”  Mt 25:13b
5.  There is a conference going on in Houston this weekend about using all the new media for the  evangelization of the Church.  I love their tag line, One Gospel, Many Channels!  Check it out!
6.  I have to write a brief testimony as to why I go to Adoration and present it at Mass this weekend.  It is part of our campaign to have Adoration every Friday instead of just once a month.  I really want to stress the peace I receive as the most important reason I go, but I don’t want Adoration to sound boring.  I think I will pray and write about it while I am in Adoration, good plan, no?
7.  Hurricane Irene is heading to New York.  My mom called for advice.  She and my dad have different opinions as to what should be done.  So, I am sending a list.  Hopefully this will help my father understand that tying chairs together is not a good plan; bringing them inside is the way to go.

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