More Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

1.  Saying good-bye is difficult. Our daughter is leaving for an extended, unknown period of time.  She is moving to Australia for a year and then wants to be a missionary somewhere, maybe Brazil, but it will depend on what she can find.  She was away at school for four years and our son moved out two years ago, but Australia is very far away from Florida.  VERY. FAR. AWAY.  My mom was trying to convince me it is no different than when she lived in Gainesville or our son now living in New York.  I wasn’t buying it.  In some ways it is more than the moving far away, it is the fact that truly my children are now adults and this part of my life where they are my responsibility is over.  I am blessed beyond measure that both can take care of themselves and make good decisions, but it will take some time to get used to this new stage.
2.  Last night we had dinner with a family we have been friends with since before either of us had children.  We reminisced about many things the kids all did together.  Our girls are two weeks apart and Elisa and I were the first visitors Kathy and Sarah had at the hospital.  But even before that, Kathy and I took our pregnancy test together.  Apparently we had never shared this before with the girls; they were surprised. 
3. Elisa is going to NY before going to Australia.  She’ll spend time with family and go visit her brother in East Hampton for a few days.  She will  be in the U.S. until July 12. 
4.  Do I seem a bit focused on Elisa?  Well, it’s hard not to be with one day left to spend with her. 

5.  Elisa’s best qualities are her determination, strength of faith, love of family and friends and her level headedness.  She also has a quite a spirit of adventure but loves a good plan, especially if she has come up with it herself. She is loyal, values fairness, and holds on to traditions. 
6.  She likes to hold my hand when we are out and gives me hugs when I need them.
7.  Elisa has the best qualities of both her parents, her few negative traits come, of course, from her dad!  I’m kidding.  But, in the interest of honesty, she is very much like me in that she does not suffer fools well at all.
7 Quick Takes

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