Jen hosts 7 Quick Takes every Friday! 1.  Our daughter is home for another day, then she goes to Miami to meet the rest of the mission team before leaving for Brazil on Monday.  She is going with FOCUS which I think is a wonderful group evangelizing college campuses all over the country.  Please keep the group in your prayers.

2.  I am sure this news will make your day; I’m wearing my pink converse today because it’s Friday!

3.  My husband has returned to the living.  He finished all the work for his alternative certification program to become a teacher.  Now, it all gets hole punched and placed in a binder and given to the district office.  He  already passed all the exams associated with this program so sometime this summer his official teaching certificate will arrive.  I am happy for so many reasons.  And thrilled to have my husband back for myself!

4.  I heard this quote of St. Augustine’s twice this week, so I’ll share it with you, “In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; in all things, charity.”

5.  The empty bedroom in our house has now become a storage unit for furniture and household items of both our son’s girlfriend’s and our daughter’s stuff.  I wonder how long do you keep stuff that your children no longer use or need.  SG’s stuff is only temporary, until she moves back here.  But our daughter is leaving for Australia and really has no idea when she is coming back.  So, what do I do with the toaster and trash can and mirror and and and.  Then there’s the other stuff; old scout uniforms, school projects, toys, and more.  UGH!  Too much stuff!

6.  I can’t wait to plan our vacation for this summer.  We are probably going to North Carolina and staying at a friend’s house.  We are considering going white water rafting.  When I mentioned this to our daughter, she was a bit miffed that we’d consider doing that without her and her brother, since that was always a great time for all of us together.  I really could not work up much sympathy though for either of them. He in East Hampton, NY for the summer and her, going to Brazil and then moving to Australia. 

7.  Right now, there are many struggles and much suffering with my friend who is dying.  Please pray for her and her family as they journey with her from life to death.  The journey is long and not easy.

7 Quick Takes

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