1.  I am ready to be back doing some writing.  It is a good way for me to write and this upcoming week may allow me some time to do so.
2.  Jennifer asks what would your worst job be in her Quick Takes.  My answer, accountant.  Anything to do with numbers bores me to tears and frustrates me.  Probably because I am bad at math, little details about numbers, and have a hard time seeing patterns in numbers.  I am a people person, that’s that!  What would your worst job be?
3.  My son is going back to New York, the Hamptons for the summer.  Yes he is going to work, but he will also get to have fun.  His girlfriend is also going to work up there.  I suppose it is only fair that I have them here for part of the year and her family has them the other part.
4.  My daughter has graduated.  She choose not to walk, so I have no pictures.  She is still in G’ville so we have yet to celebrate.  The plan is to celebrate when she comes home from her Brazil mission trip and before she leaves on her next adventure.  Hopefully she’ll be here more than five minutes!
5.  My book group has been reading Interior Castle by St. Teresa of Avila. Yesterday we called it quits.  We have tried and tried, but cannot grasp her points.  Five women, all of us passionate about reading, very intelligent; among us we have over ten degrees, years of study, one of us a former sister and yet, can’t get through it.  So, it will go back on my shelf for another time.
6.  Mother’s Day was a non-event for me.  Both children not around, husband up to his eyeballs in studies and certification, so I knew it would be a non-event.  But it didn’t matter. Why?  because as I thought about my children I realized they are both just where they want to be in their life right now.  They have been blessed and so I am as well.  While a part of me is sad that physically they are not close to me and so I don;t see them very often, they are living out their lives in awesome ways (or at least about to), becoming the person God is calling them to become.  What more could I possibly want?
7.  I have a new ministry focus in my life right now.  I am a part of a Cursillo team which will put on a retreat for women on June 23-26.  I am enjoying getting to know the team, writing my talk and soon learning about all my tasks to help make the weekend run smoothly. 

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