The sweaty, frozen peas on shoulder, I need a shower edition for your reading pleasure this fine Friday!

1.  Yes, I’ve been to the gym this morning and did my workout.  It was good:  a short run, medicine ball sit ups, kettle bell windmills, sumo dead lifts, jumping rope, rowing and sprints.  I needed it after m&m’s being oh so close to me all week!  My shoulder is still not 100% so when I come home a throw on a bag of peas.  Probably need to take some Advil too.
2. The wedding last Friday was beautiful.  The groom never did come over to our house, but we picked up the bride’s family and drove them to the wedding.  Arranging the riders in the cars was fun, especially when I climbed into the last row of seats in the SUV in a dress and high heals.  Then I climbed out when we realized we weren’t all going to fit in one car.  Definite case of groom nerves.  In the end we were at the Church on time.
3.  During the Mass, our pastor twisted his knee and ankle.  Once he was back up at the altar, he just held on during the Eucharistic prayer.  After the Lamb of God, he was staring at me, but I didn’t notice.  So he calls my name and asks me to come up to the altar.  My first thought, “What did I do?  Am I in trouble?” Nope, he couldn’t walk, so I had the honor of giving communion to the bride and groom.  I’ve never done that!
4.  Almost every day this week I’ve found out about someone being sick.  Seriously sick. Each was added to our prayer board to keep them in the forefront of our minds.   They are all people I love and care about and it reminded me how easy it is to get so wrapped up in the business of life that we forget to be present to each other.
5.  Our personal chef is cooking for us this evening.  I may be in charge of the vegetable, but he’s on the main dish.  Can’t wait to spend time with the family for dinner.  I think I’ll put the Banner Elk Winery white wine to chill.  It will go well with the salmon.
6.  I see spray painting in my plan for this weekend.  Also, making some type of bulletin board for my studio, work room, woman cave, whatever it’s called.  Yes, a crafty weekend sounds like fun.  Pinterest project time.
7.  I also have some party planning to get started.  I’ll be discussing the menu with my personal chef and baked over dinner tonight.

For more Quick Takes, head on over to Clan Donaldson and link up.  Have a great weekend!

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