1. Our daughter is graduating from University of Florida at the end of April.  However, all of our focus is on FOCUS and the mission trip she is taking in May. She has to raise money, which pays for the trip and the materials to do the work in Brazil.  I can’t believe that another milestone has been reached seemingly in the blink of an eye.
2. Last Saturday we met with the deaconate formation scrutinies committee.  It was interesting, but made me feel like I was under the microscope with questions about my work since I am employed at my parish.  I was slightly reassured when another couple had the same experience, since she works as the assistant principal at the parish school.  Oh well, it is what it is and whatever it will be.
3.  I have learned that to really recharge after too much work I need to be alone.  But it seems my life keeps getting in the way of being alone.  This weekend is full of activity and after working twelve days straight I just want to curl up on the couch.  Finding balance is probably the most difficult thing for me.
4.  A little Aquinas:  Freedom proceeds from intellect and will.  Our intellect informs our will and our will is always orientated toward good.  When we exercise our freedom to choose evil, our intellect no longer informs our will and we behave in ways which are not congruent with our true selves.
5.  Our book group is reading The Interior Castle by St. Teresa of Avila.  We have read up to the Third Dwelling.  I like her style; she is very earthy.  But, if talk of creepy crawly thing bothers you, you might have to skip over some spots!
6.  Sunday afternoon, Brian Gail, author of Fatherless and Motherless, is speaking at St. Jude Catholic Church.  He is a seasonal parishioner there and will give a talk discussing the social conditions and trends which he has written about.  It will be interesting to hear him speak.
7.  Lent is not going according to my plan.  Which is typical, so I am doing my best to surrender and accept what God places before me rather than fighting over things.  Some days I am better at it than others.

Enjoy your weekend and be sure to take a look at more Quick Takes!

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