1.  Ash Wednesday was so very busy here at church.  We began at 7 am with Mass and I got home 12 1/2 hours later.  I had to lector 3 times and distribute ashes twice.  When I distribute ashes, I say “Turn away form sin and be faithful to the Gospel.”  I like that because it sums up what we are to, not just during Lent, but always.
2.  Speaking of ashes, I truly dislike putting them on babies’ foreheads.  They don’t sin. But I do it if the parent indicates I should. One mom came to me with a baby in her arms and I gave her ashes.  Moments later I looked up and saw her standing in front of the priest, having him put ashes on the baby.  He was confused because when he was done, he went to put them on her, but she already had them.  What do you think about ashes on babies?  What happens in your parish?
3.  Tonight we have a deacon couple coming over to interview us for the deaconate formation program.  I’m not nervous or anything, just very tired, so I hope it goes well. 
4.  I am struggling with finding positive ways to relieve stress and tension.  My usual way is to eat, but that is not happening.  It all comes down to taking care of myself, which is so difficult for me.  I’m trying to get extra sleep, I take my vitamins, go to daily Mass, but it’s not enough. All of my tension is in my neck and shoulders, so I almost don’t even want to be touched. I’m open to suggestions.
5.  Lent is very busy this year at the parish, which means at work for me.  I am working with the stewardship council to put on our parish mission this year.  Usually we have an outside speaker, but it didn’t work out this year.  Our foucs is ministry and vision for the parish.  I hope it is well received.
6.  I put Goggle Analytics on our parish website to find out if people are using the site.  So far, I’ve been disappointed in our traffic.  Do you go to your parish website?  for what? how often? 
7.  40 days of Life has begun.  My husband and I signed up for 9 am Saturday mornings to pray at the abortion clinic.  We’ve gone before, but not on a consistent basis.  Reading UnPlanned really hit  home as to the power of prayer.
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