1.  We have a “persistent parent” problem.  The mom has a baby she wants baptized.  The mom has two brothers and so she wants two Godfathers, because she doesn’t want either bother to be upset and has no plans for more children.  She keeps calling and no matter what she is told, refuses to understand the rules!  She keeps telling us how St so and so Church said it was okay, so don;t we?  We have all taken to avoiding picking up the phone when she calls. Pretty bad, isn’t it?
2.  My daughter will find out in a few weeks if she gets accepted  for a summer mission to Brazil with FOCUS.  I am praying she does.
3.  My parents have been here for a month and the change in my dad is tremendous.  In NY he was in pain and could hardly do anything physical because of vertebrae damage in his neck.  My sister said he was in almost constant pain.  Now, he is out walking, cooking, tearing down wallpaper and more.  I am so glad they are able to come here.
4.  This Saturday is our annual dinner dance.  It is a fundraiser for the church building debt. Not many people are coming, so I’m not sure how much money we are going to raise.  However, the band is great and the food and service as well, so we will all have a great time. 
5.  My friend D.’s hair is falling out because of her chemo treatments.  She is going to get a wig this time, instead of wearing scarves all the time.  A few of us briefly, as in for a nanosecond, contemplated shaving our heads in a show of sisterhood.  She knows we love her.
6.  The upcoming Sunday readings are full of social justice and how we are to serve others and be an example to the world.  We have to “walk the talk, not just talk the talk.”
7.  My prayer these days, in a favorite song: Take my Life by Scott Underwood

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