1.  I am home on a sick day.  Very little sleep the last few nights, feeling overall yucky and my knee hurts. I wonder of if it hurts because I now know there is an actual reason for the pain.
2.  The pain in my knee?  Oh, I guess it’s going on almost two months, very sharp pain on the inside of my right knee.  I had a MRI (they are very loud) and yesterday found out that my meniscus is torn.  I can have surgery to correct or live with the pain and limited mobility.  I also can’t kneel, since holding my knee at a 90* angle is bad enough but when you add weight on, well, it hurts.  I’ll really need to think about this though.
3.  I am almost done shopping for Christmas, in fact, I may just decide to be done!  I do need to mail cards to my nieces and nephews, I think I can muster up enough strength to do that today.
4.  Our daughter is coming home today and she will be making her delicious chocolate cake for my birthday Sunday.  I also have a breakfast date with our son, just the two of us, on Saturday morning.  I really love my adult children.  Not because they do nice things for me, but because they are such a joy. 
5.  I have off next week, except for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Masses.  Lots of sewing to do.  A dress and top for our exchange student, dress for daughter and then alter two of my skirts so I have something to wear for Christmas. 
6.  I need to make some time for an Advent confession.  Our penance services are next week, but I’m not sure if we have any visiting priests coming to help.  It is just not possible for me to go to confession to a priest I work with in the office.  I suppose if I were dying, I’d do it, but otherwise…I’ll have to check other parishes.
7.  I love lists and usually rely on them to keep me organized, especially when things are very busy.  I have made one list for gifts and gave my husband the week’s (incomplete) calendar and that’s all.  So, I find myself spending lots of time wondering what I need to do or buy and also putting us in two places at once.  So, today, I am going to work on making my lists so I can get myself together.

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