More Quick Takes!

1.  Random things I’ve noticed:  A new food market named “Annie’s Vintage Home Cooking.” Okay, I get what they are trying to say, but vintage cooking really sounds odd.  My first reaction, “yuck, who wants vintage food?” The commissioner of the Florida Dept of Agriculture and Consumer Services is Charles Bronson. Yep, it’s on every gas pump and every time I see it I chuckle.  There are lots of people driving in the middle of the day; I think the snowbirds have returned. In Polish, there are no determiners before nouns and so sometimes these Polish folks forget to  use them when speaking English.  I like it.

2.  Last week I was struggling with getting to daily Mass.  Basically no reason, just whining about it to myself.  But, then I remembered that how I felt about going was irrelevant and should do it.  So, I did.  The first day that happened I got a text message just as I was leaving the house, telling em about a friend who was having surgery that morning.  Well, my Mass was offered for her.  Then on Friday, I was tired, but went anyway.  I knelt down and saw no monstrance.  Problem since we have Adoration right after Mass every First Friday.  So, I check around in the day sacristy and can’t find it.  I see our priest, ask him, he has no idea.  I go to the main sacristy, nowhere that I can see it.  Why?  It’s in the safe.  I am praying to be enlightened as the combination at this point.  I try what I recall as the code, not correct.  I look around and see it and pray, because after 3 tries you are locked out!  It works the first time and I make my way back to the Chapel.  Crisis averted!

3.  Keeping our parish website up to date is a very big job.  I can spend an hour or two each day and then at least two hours on Fridays when I write reflections and so forth for the Sunday readings.  My other work is starting to suffer.

4.  I made some Halloween and Fall decorations with Ellen, our exchange student last night.  Then we decorated the house.  Looks festive and fallish, even if our air conditioner is still on every day!  I took pictures, but they are on my computer at home.

5. Took off Monday to recuperate from the crazy work weekend.   I had no meetings at night this week.  I should be calm, if not relaxed and yet, I am posting these quick takes to calm down because of the work all over my office and emails that keep coming.  My usual Friday help is away, so it’s all up to me today.  Well, me and God!

6.  I learned how to make hearts on Facebook.  Very excited and happy to have gained this knowledfe.

7.  This verse hit me today at Mass:  “But if it is by the finger of God that I drive out demons, then the Kingdom of God has come upon you.”  Luke 11:20

7 Quick Takes

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