1.  Today is my husband’s birthday, I’ll refrain from saying how many he’s had.  We won’t be celebrating, since he has to go to the seminary this weekend and when he gets home Sunday, I’ll be gone. (see #3)
2.  My niece/ goddaughter  had her birthday on Tuesday.  I get a D on this; bought her gift but still have not mailed it nor did I remember to call her until Wednesday.  Bad Aunt am I.
3.  I am going to a Stewardship conference in San Diego on Sunday.  I have to leave my house at 5 am, my flight leaves at 6:30 am.  I instructed my pastor and travelling companion that we shall not speak until at least 7 am.  Other than the early leave time and late getting home time, I am looking forward to getting away and learning.  Plus, I’ll have my own room so maybe I can relax a bit.
4.  I went grocery shopping  with our exchange student to be sure there was food in the house while I am gone.  She likes going to Publix.  I don’t.  But, we made a list and planned some dinners for while I am away.  I will make shepherd’s pie before I go and then she will cook some crepes another night.  Ugh, I forgot the peas for the shepherd’s pie.  Oh well, they’ll survive without them.
5.  I’ve mentioned it before but since it is still pretty new I’ll say it again.  Our new parish website went ‘live’ last Friday.  It was hard work and I am already behind in keeping it updated if you look very closely.  Within the site is a blog, Faith and Devotion.  So, I am now writing for the website, 3 blogs, our Facebook group and a newsletter on a regular basis.  I really wish I was a more proficient typist or keyboarding or whatever it is now, I pretty much have to look at the keys and my speed is slow, very slow.
6.  I am reading a very interesting book with my discussion group, “Journey toward God”.  We met yesterday morning and it nice to all be together.  Sometimes we wander off to other topics but I think we did better than usual at staying focused.  It almost always seems like there is more to say than time to say it all.
7.  A picture of the beach in Jupiter.

7 Quick Takes

4 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes

  • September 17, 2010 at 1:31 pm

    That beach looks amazing – such a far cry from here in Illinois!

  • September 20, 2010 at 6:41 am

    I just found your blog from Conversion Diary. 🙂 That beach looks so beautiful!

    I spent four years in San Diego for college, and my in-laws live there. I miss it sometimes. I'm excited for you to go! If you can, make sure to go to Yogurt World for the BEST frozen yogurt you'll ever have. 🙂 Or Old Town Mexican Cafe for amaaazing homemade tortillas. Sigh, I'm totally wanting to go back!

    Love your blog!


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