1.  Our house is a lovely new color.  We choose a light sage green with white trim.  Our front door is still red, not sure what my plan is at this time.  I really like red front doors!

2.  I used my extra day off this week to make 3 new skirts for myself.  They match the ridiculously low priced tee shirts I bought at Walmart.  This morning my husband asked if I was going to wear them to the office every day.  I probably will, it’s easy and looks fine.

3.  I bought my husband new sandals yesterday.  Yes, the same husband who asked about my wardrobe was walking around in something not fit for public viewing.  I have tried to explain to him this simple truth, when a married man dresses poorly it is the wife’s fault.  At least he wore the new ones and I even (gasp) convinced him to throw away the old ones!

4.  Our new carpeting is coming Tuesday.  Three bedrooms and the hallway will be done.  In an unusual turn of events, my husband is getting more bothered by the furniture having to be all around the house than I am.  It is temporary and really can’t be helped.  I am thankful that one bedroom was relatively empty, as in no bed or big dresser, since it went with our son to his apartment.  However, one room has three bookcases, a huge desk, sewing machine and couch, so it really is lots to move.  We’ll just have to live with the disarray until the carpet is installed. And, I guess my husband was right about not doing our bedroom as well!

5.  I am trying to get a jump on work projects so they all don’t crash together around my head.  People are not cooperating!  I do have a good schedule of due dates though, so that’s good.  Now I have to start working on filling in deadlines for the various parts of each project.

6.  I am going to be changing this blog a bit to include more recipes.  Stay tuned.

7.  From today’s Psalm 51:  A clean heart create for me, O God, and a steadfast spirit renew within me.  Cast me not out from your presence, and your Holy Spirit take not from me.”

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