1.  We are going to a wedding tonight!  The couple have been engaged for about a year, and planned to marry in July, 2014 but due to some health issues, it was fast forwarded.  The best part, it’s in Church, which was very important to the couple.  It will be a small but very happy group celebrating.
2.  We are on groom duty for a few hours.  We’ll entertain him at our house and then all get dressed before going to the church.  Should we tell him wedding or marriage horror stories?  Not that I have any to share of my own but I’m sure I could find some.
3.  Tomorrow is my twin brother and sister’s birthday.  This means that for the next two months we are all the same age. My poor mother!
4.  My father is turning eighty this year so in rash of family pressure  love, we agreed to go to NY.  In the winter.  When it is cold.  I have no winter clothes except for a hot pink 100% wool pashmina.  I wonder if my very old coat is still in my in-laws basement?
5.  We have a fundraiser dinner tomorrow evening at our parish.  It is for the Guadalupan Missionary Sisters of the Holy Spirit. (I can’t find a website!) They serve our community with such love and devotion.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone work as hard as they do.
6.  On Sunday we have a going away party for one of the sisters, Sr. Marta.  I worked very closely with her when I worked at St. Peter.  She has more energy than three people combined and is never afraid to speak the truth about anything to anyone!.  I love her and will miss her.  She’s going to Los Angeles to work in development.  She says she may need help, I said yes because you cannot say no to her.
7.  As you can see it’s one party after another this weekend. I think I may have a beer or glass of wine to celebrate.  Which is more paleo friendly, beer or wine?

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