1. Yes, it is late Friday night and I am just now joining the group. Oh well, it’s been that kind of a day.
2. A friend called at 6:10 am. My husband handed me the phone and said “It’s for you.” It is never good news at that hour and sure enough, it wasn’t. A long time and dear friend of the person calling me had died a few hours before of a massive heart attack. He was a wonderful man, husband, father and grandfather. As another friend said of him, “No one was a stranger to him.” He was a parishioner as well and so many calls today involved letting people know or helping with funeral arrangements. Very sad.
3. I have been home alone three night this week. I read a few novels, did laundry, and did some thinking. I am looking forward to spending time with my husband tomorrow night after we go to First Communion party. I’ll be solo in the morning while he’s in class.
4. My dear daughter is coming home for a week on Sunday. We are going to sew, go to the movies, and whatever other fun things we can think of. Then, she’ll go back up to school and move. Her father is going to bond with her for that event. Hey, I found the apartment!
5. I am going to start reading my book about Catherine of Siena. As soon as I find it. It was a Christmas gift, so I think it’s about time.
6. I had a hard time cooking dinner tonight. I actually started making soup with broth I’d prepared yesterday and it was awful, no taste at all. When I tried to salvage it the taste went from tasteless to awful. So then I made frittata with yellow squash, small bits of chicken, and goat cheese. It was okay. I shouldn’t have put in the chicken, but it was supposed to go in the soup and there was so little I thought it would be okay. My husband said I’d cooked worse but I think he was being kind. The glass of white wine helped my meal. Sadly, since my husband had class, he had no help.
7. I’m going to have some time off in the next few weeks so I hope to start accomplishing my goals for this year. Nothing like a late second quarter start.

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