1. It has taken me a very long time to recover from Holy Week and Easter. Hence, the lack of posting.
2. Why do both children have major life issues at the same time? They live four hours apart but it happens just the same. On the up side, most have been resolved: our son is staying here and was given a raise and new responsibilities at work, which he is very excited about. He will be in charge of planning a new brunch menu at the restaurant. He does still need a roommate, but that will happen. Our daughter’s friend died and she was told she had to move out of the apartment she’s in after being told she could stay for the next year. Both happened on the same day. We did find a new place for her to live so that is settled. She is still struggling with the death of her friend.
3. I went up to Gainesville to Elisa’s band concert. She plays the flute. I could only see her black hair band and a strip of her very blond hair during the concert, but that’s okay. They did a great job, very professional and it was fun to go up and spend time with her.
4. This weekend is our parish golf tournament. Very big event and this year we have more golfers than ever before. I am praying for sunshine and cool gentle breezes.
5. Sometimes days go by without my husband and I spending any time together. This week we did not have movie night and I can’t remember if we even had dinner together. It bothers me very much. The weekend should be better, we’ll be together (ish) at the golf tournament and then going to a BBQ at a friend’s house.
6. I was able to get to Mass every day this week. Wednesday I went to Mass with Elisa. It was so encouraging to see many college students, (25-30) at the noon Mass. Fr. Tony gave an excellent homily about good coming from suffering and strength in adversity, for both the Church and each of us personally.
7. I think it is funny when telemarketers call our parish office ask for Mr. Finney (our pastor) and when we say he isn’t in, ask for his wife. I try not to laugh on the phone.

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