1. What a week it has been! We had our parish mission so the days were quite long. But, it was a great mission with Fr. Jonathan Morris. In our parish we serve dinner before the mission and provide childcare up to 5th grade to really encourage families to attend. So, while it was hard work, it is very much worth it and appreciated by our parishioners.

2. I spent yesterday with my daughter and our friends. She was home for spring break so we ran a few errands, had lunch and then met up with our friends for a movie (Alice in Wonderland, my daughter is a huge Johnny Depp fan) and coffee. The girls have been friends from birth, so it’s always nice for the 4 of us to get together. It brought back memories of other fun we’ve had and how time really seems to go by in the blink of an eye sometimes.

3. Woke up today to no electricity in the house. So, I came to work with wet hair and no makeup, hoping we had power here at the office. It has also been pouring rain, as in shall we build an ark proportions? And, where is my umbrella, why it’s right next to my desk, all neatly closed and dry! Which I guess is okay in the end, since my hair was already wet.

4. Last Friday night, my wrist began to hurt from mouse overuse. So, I wrapped it in an ace bandage. People kept asking me what happened, so I said I strained it from using the mouse. Well, the comments, “carpal tunnel is so bad, you may have to have surgery” “have you taken some anti-inflammatory medication?” and so forth, all very extreme. I changed my story to “I hit my husband” which made people laugh and move on. (please do not think I am saying hitting your spouse is okay, it’s not) Only one person said, “hope you feel better” and left it at that. Everyone else had horror stories and were ready to have me in the operating room. Such drama! My wrist is better and I am getting a ‘pillow’ to put under it to reduce the strain in the future.

5. Watched a very good movie last night, The Soloist, about a journalist for the LA Times who befriends a musically talented homeless man. I think it would be a great movie to watch to introduce the topic of homelessness to youth and adults.

6. My son and his girlfriend are coming for lunch Sunday, possibly my parents as well. I am going to try a new recipe from Mark Bittman, Roasted Chicken with Fennel.

7. I have given up reading fiction for Lent and am starting to really miss it. I guess that’s the point.

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