1. I don’t understand open-toed boots. At all. If it is cold enough to wear boots, you need to have your toes covered as well. I also don’t understand UGG boots with shorts.

2. I think it’s great to be thankful when prayers are answered. I don’t think leaving a positive home pregnancy test stick at the base of a statue in our parish’s meditation garden is the best way to show thankfulness.

3. I live in Florida so I don’t need to wear layers, panty hose, or turn on the heat in my house. Yet every day this week I have done just that! Enough with the cold.

4. Next Wednesday my husband starts school. I am so excited and happy for him.

5. My parents will be here later today. They drove down from NY and they’ll stay about 2 or 3 months. No, not with me, but at my grandmother’s house which became my mom’s and uncle’s when she died. It is close by, so we get to see each other often but not so often we annoy each other.

6. My husband bought a very nice car yesterday, after a month or so of looking. It is a 99 Infinity, not sure of the model. The man we bought it from took less than he had originally planned since we are church going Christians. We were borrowing a car from a friend so now we can give it back. I need to think of an appropriate thank you gift besides dinner and cleaning the car. So, all in all, what could have been a difficult time, was made easier due to the kindness of a friend and also the kindness of a stranger. God does watch out for us. I must remember that.

7. Tomorrow is our parish appreciation dinner. It’s a big event to thank all our parishioners for serving in ministry in the past year. I am planning on 400 people. We are also having a DJ, which is a new addition to the event. I hope it all goes well.

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7 Quick Takes

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