1. Every morning I read this: “Your light will come, Jerusalem; the Lord will dawn on you in radiant beauty” from morning prayer. It fills me with so much hope. It reminds me that Christ is coming and that because of the Incarnation we share in his divinity. It also reminds me that Jesus is going to come again.
2. Yesterday I called my parents, Dad answered and said he had been outside hanging up the Christmas lights. This was great news, since he had quadruple by-pass surgery in July. My mom worries constantly that he is not himself, but I’d say putting up the lights is pretty much back to normal.
3. We are putting up our tree Sunday. Our son and his girlfriend will come over and we’ll all work on it together. I’ll leave our daughter’s ornaments for her to put on the tree when she gets home next week.
4. Saturday will be a fun and busy day. We will distribute Chirstmas gifts to families who also come for food distribution in the morning. We had over 1,000 gift tags on our giving trees this year and the parish was very generous, as always, in buying gifts for those in need.
5. I have now misplaced both my Advent devotional book and my December Magnificat. No idea where they are, but will look again in my office today. I am pretty annoyed with myself.
6. Yesterday I Went to the fabric store, feeling a need to create. I found some fabric I liked to make two skirts, black satin and a grey sateen. I needed a zipper, but left without one. Why, well, when I first got into the store the clerk was over by the zippers, yelling and carrying on “this is disgusting” “I can’t believe someone did this” “this is worse than what my cat does”. What happened? Apparently someone threw up all over and left the store without telling anyone. The poor woman cleaned it all up, but I have a weak stomach when it comes to that sort of thing, so I didn’t even venture over there.
7. I love when things which have nothing to do with each other come together. Last Friday we had the stewardship council over for dinner. And, yes, a great time was had by all. One friend brought me an ornament, very pretty with 2009 written on it, and I thanked her. The next day, I picked it up to look at it again, turn it around and what do I see? Our Lady, Queen of Angels, which is very special to me since that was my table on my Cursillo weekend. Very cool!
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  • December 11, 2009 at 12:40 pm

    I like a woman who goes to the fabric store because she just feels the need to create something. I do that too.

    But throwing up in a store and then leaving and not telling anyone??? I just can't imagine it.


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