1.  It’s Friday and I’ve spent most of it doing some pretty mundane, boring tasks.  First off, a long doctor visit where I was all checked out and deemed up to snuff for foot surgery next Friday.  Yea!  I think.  Then of to the fabric store where I helped my friend pick out new innards for the couch cushion her son’s dog ate.  Well, maybe not ate, but definitely chewed up and wrecked.  Thankfully, everything was on sale so it’s worth it and no matter what, much less than a new couch.  My job will be put in a new zipper.  Then the bank and eyebrow waxing and pharmacy for my new thyroid medicine that doesn’t’ make me itch. I’m looking forward to a Castle marathon tonight via Netflix and shrimp vegetable coconut curry.
  2. I have a stack of books ready to read over the next few weeks while I recover. image  I’ll be reviewing most, if not all of them.  I decided a few weeks ago to put the books I want to read or am reading on my bookshelf horizontally so I could find them more easily.  If you have any other book suggestions, let me know.  It’s almost Advent so I’ll need something for the season.
  3. Speaking of Advent, I’m (sorta) replicating my wreath from last year.  I’ll use four white pillar candles, all the same size and tie purple or pink ribbon around them.  I’m so proud of myself for planning ahead.  I didn’t think it’s fun to shop Thanksgiving weekend for what I needed while driving around on a knee scooter.
  4. I may be getting the hang of Windows 10 and Chrome seems to be working better as well on this new machine.
  5. The other day my husband and I recorded a practice podcast, it is barely one minute long.

6.  Does it annoy you when people pretend to be someone other than who they are?  For example, I work in a parish where many people have incomes that for exceed mine.  So I don’t wear my fake Rolex.  Well, I don’t wear it because I don’t have one or want one, but I think you get my point.  Be who you are; besides, if people own a real Rolex, I bet they would know a fake one and then you would look silly.

7. I have gone back to a paper calendar.  I still keep the Google one of course, but the paper is more for ideas and notes and big picture stuff.  Very technical, I know.

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7 Quick Takes
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