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  1.  It’s December people and it’s amazing how out of touch I am with that fact.  I haven’t been in a store in three weeks; not one store at all.  I feel as if I am in some sort of alternate space where getting ready for Christmas is almost totally spiritual.  Here’s a list of what I am not doing:  baking, decorating the house, shopping anywhere but online, not going to lots of parties and activities, buying new shoes or clothes.  And I don’t feel guilty about not doing any of this.  I think I like this!
  2. All that being said, I think a poinsettia is going on the shopping list.  I can put it next to my candle Nativity set.
  3. I very much want to start using Periscope.  Today might be the day if I can fix my hair.  I mean, I can fix my hair, but am I motivated enough to use my energy to do that or do I fix lunch for myself instead?  That’s the thing with Periscope as opposed to blogging.  I can write and be a frightful mess and no one knows.  I can be in my pj’s and have a huge mess around me and no one knows.  I will say, for the record, I am dressed and if you came to my door I could let you in without any embarrassment.  Though the hair is a bit wild looking.  Not so with Periscope.  I need to be presentable, maybe even put together, at the very least hair not hanging on my face and some lipstick, no?  Just now, as I wrote about my hair, I could hear my mom in my head, “just cut it, you look so much better with short hair”.  If I were braver I’d take a picture, but I will tell you, I have a bobby pin holding my bangs out of my eyes.  Because otherwise I hear my grandmother, “get that hair out of your eyes, you’ll go blind”.
  4. I am an Extrovert.  Whenever I take a Meyers-Briggs I get all possible points for Extrovert.  However, I do like spending time alone especially to read, write or sew.  I have learned though, that when being alone is imposed on me, I don’t like it as much.  Of course, being alone is compounded by the fact that I can’t walk.  The rest of my personality, from Meyers-Briggs is SFJ.
  5. This came in the mail yesterday from Dynamic Catholic.  Beautiful Mercy by Matthew KellyVery excited to begin reading it!
  6. Please take a look at my new site devoted to the Year of Mercy, Mercy Overflows and consider sending in a piece to put on the blog.
  7. I’m trying a new quip out, “Don’t whine, wine instead.”  I thought of this the other day when I really wanted to whine.  I think I may be spending too much time inside my head!



7 Quick Takes

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  • December 11, 2015 at 2:27 pm

    Great blog post! As you wrote the list of what you are not doing, I thought of how much I admire you and your attitude! Happy Advent!


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