1.  I want one of these for my house.  Why?  I’ll give you a clue…it’s an ant eater.  The canal next to our house is being widened and deepened so the ants are displaced and apparently they like my kitchen as their new place.  What I don’t understand is how do they bypass the garage, the laundry room, the bathroom, bedrooms and hallway next to the canal and come into the kitchen.  Ant bait is useless; we keep killing them with spray cleaner and wiping them up.  The counter and floors can be spotless, we leave for a few minutes and BAM, they’re BACK!  I have been told I cannot have a breakdown over the ants until at least a week after the work is done.  Do they sell mini ant eaters at Pet Co?
2.  Every now and again I read a post and think, “Wow, how amazing is that thought?”  When St. Ignatius and John Legend Mash Up is one of those posts.
3.  I like learning about new apps for phones.  It’s one of the reasons I like having a smart phone. This week I found this app on Divine Mercy. I found out about this app from OSV Weekly and Sarah Reinhard.
4.  I stumbled upon two new blogs this week.  Catholic Cravings is written by  Laura Mcalister all the way over in Sydney, Australia.  What I’ve read so far is funny, serious and spot-on.  Quantum Theology is Michelle’s blog.  She is also the author of the post in #2.  She seems to have an Ignatian bent.
5.  Faith Formation classes start next Sunday.   Someday everyone will register ahead of time.  
6.  Every week I hope and pray that this will be the week of no bad/sad/terrible news.  This was not that week  I may need a larger prayer board.
7.  This Sunday John will become an Acolyte.  We are all very excited and happy about this event.  However, he has to kneel before the Bishop.  His boot makes this complicated.  He thinks he can get down, maybe on one knee, but not sure about getting up.  Add to that wearing an alb and this will be interesting.  For you local folks, he’s going to serve at 5:30 Mass this Sunday.  
Thanks to Jennifer for hosting 7 Quick Takes over at Conversion Diary!

7 Quick Takes about Ants, Interesting reads, and links to like

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