1.  I live life at full tilt.  People who know me in real life, as opposed to only through social media, are laughing right now.  And shaking their heads, wondering how this is worthy of a quick take.  Because sometimes I forget who I am.  I love roller coasters and rides that spin you round and round, with lights and loud music.  But I also like to come off the ride and sit and rest and get ready for the next ride.  I am either going at full tilt or not.

2.  In this month of November, I have been focusing on gratitude for all the good I have in my life.  I must admit that it isn’t easy and that I was sliding from grateful to grumpy the other day.  Part of the problem is that while I am fine handling many projects, I dislike it when others try to make their projects mine.  As I pondered this, I realized that I could be annoyed or happy that I could help.  All of life is a process and slow journey to holiness.

3.  What am I grateful for this week?  Our office was given an extra day off, yea!!!! I think it’s because we have non-stop events for almost three weeks in  December.  At any rate, that day will hopefully be pent shopping for Christmas. Working out has also helped me this week stay focused and get rid of the extra adrenaline and sleep better.  I really like sleep.  I don’t need lots of sleep, but I need good sleep.

4.  I’m sure most of you are aware of this, but it’s Thanksgiving next week.  And then comes Advent, then comes Christmas!  Can we please follow this order?  Thank you.

5.  Gym pet peeve:  people who wear tons of scent while working out.  I am trying to breathe people,
Stop with trying to smell good while you sweat. In the end, sweat and and whatever you are wearing to try to smell good combine into something pretty stinky.

6.  My plan was to read 100 books this year. Don’t think it’s going to happen.

7.  We watched God’s Not Dead this week at our Thursday morning study group.  It was great.  I was a bit concerned sine the group is made of women old enough to be my mom, but all enjoyed it, even tapping along to the music.  I would highly recommend it for teens and above.

7 Quick Takes about life, gratitude and a movie

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