1.  My ideal day involves prayer, gym, meal with my husband and/or friends,reading, time outdoors and sleep.  Today may be that day!  However, I don;t want to talk about it too much or something bad might happen.

2.  So, we (as in husband and I) are going to Italy.  Rome is our first stop and for me, that must include the Wednesday audience with Pope Francis.  I wrote to gets tickets through the Bishop’s secretary as per instructions.  We sent emails back and forth a few times and then I heard nothing, so I was worried.  A few of my friends thought I was pretty silly to be worried.  Turns out I was silly to be worried, all is in process and under control.  Okay, truth be told, I did ask someone in the diocese to discretely check for me.  I know, I know, I need to TRUST!

3.  People often come to me for advice and guidance, at work and my friends. I’m glad I am trusted and it’s even better when I can help, even if helping means just listening and reassuring folks they are not crazy.  The other day I realized that I give great advice and have lots of wisdom;(I say this b/c I’ve been told this) however, I don’t apply this to my own life.  I was talking to someone and in my head I was thinking, “really, is that right? then why don’t you do that?”  Does that ever happen to you?

4.  I have a study group at work.  Our next study will be on the Fathers of the Church.  I hooked up my laptop to the T.V. so I could show them some different sites and also how to comment on a blog.  At one point, I show the group Year of Faith website where all the teachings from Pope Emeritus Benedict Wednesday audiences are and one man says, “Does anyone really read that stuff?”  I said, “I do, I’m a Catholic geek.”  Ya’ll read that stuff too, right?

5.  My son is on vacation in El Paso and Mexico.  I have a present coming back with him.  Oh, yes, tequila from Mexico.  Can’t wait. To see my son of course.  What kind of a mom do you think I am?  Okay, can I be happy about both?

6. Feel the Nails by Ray Boltz

Theologically, this is not possible.  Jesus is in heaven, there is no pain there.  If he did feel the nails every time we sinned he’d be in constant, horrible pain.  That being said, the song made think when I heard it in Adoration last night.  It was very convicting.  He dies for me, why can’t I do his will without complaining?

7.   It’s off to the gym to work on legs I think?  Then to Costco. I’ll be breaking my rule of no going anywhere but the gym in gym clothes.  And it will be after my workout.  Changing is an option but then I’d need to shower and it’s only Costco.  everybody does it.

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