1.  Favorite Church in Rome, St. Ignatius Loyola.  That’s the main altar pictured below.

2.  Have you seen/heard this video of The Cloistered Carmelites?  It’s been making its way around a few of my social media feeds so I thought I’d share it again:


3.  We’ve been spending quite a bit of time at doctors in the last few weeks.  I find it reassuring when you first meet a new doctor and he says “this may not be a 100% solution” and “we don’t know everything.”  A little humility is a good trait.  
4.  The frequent looking over and taking of my husband’s toe is making me less squeamish about feet.  I’m not saying pedicures and foot massages will become regular occurrences, but I can look and touch (I mean, you gotta do what you gotta do) the foot without distress.  That’s progress for sure!  FYI, it looks better every time I change the dressing, very happy that all the treatments seem to be working.
5.  Unexpected blessings come from unexpected places sometimes.  Today I was blessed at Initial Styles.  The ladies who own and work at the store are terrific and do great work.  Another day a friend  offered me a peek into her closet to find a dress for my upcoming events.  It’s nice to know people who care.
6.  I have sat down four days in a row to “finish” the alb.  It’s like the Song that never Ends!  Every time I think, just one more thing and then I do it and then there’s one more thing and then one more thing and and and.  I know I will be so happy I did this when I see him on the altar wearing it for the first time, but it’s much more difficult than I thought.
7.   I’ve no idea, so I’ll leave you with my current Catherine of Siena quote:  

“You are rewarded not according to your work or your time but according to the measure of your love.”

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7 Quick Takes: Blessings, Doctors, and Saints

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