1. I attended a Cursillo weekend and am still thinking about all I learned. I will say that the prayers of so many meant so much to me, especially those people whom I don’t know, don;t know me, and will probably never meet.
2. Our new priest is settling into the parish and office quite well. He is very funny, warm, a good homilist.
3. My dad had open heart surgery last week and is doing very well. He should be home soon and I’ll go to see him and spend time helping my mom next week.
4. My front yard is being dug up and will soon be beautiful. As long as the rain doesn’t wash away the dirt before we can get new sod down.
5. I finished all the writing for the next newsletter at work. Praise God!
6. I am reading Julian of Norwich and just finished the section on the Trinity. She writes with the most amazing insight and touches me with her wisdom and humility.
7. Last, but really most important………my husband has been accepted into the Diaconate program and he will begin in just two weeks! The Holy Spirit is moving.

7 Quick Takes Friday

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