Disclaimer:  if you are my friend, you’ve probably already seen some of these pictures!

1.  A five year journey has come to a close.  Well, not really a close, maybe a pause is a better way to put it.  Or we could say now we’ll rest in this liminal space for a time.  Because a rest would be nice, in or out of the liminal space.  My husband graduated from seminary.  He now has a Masters of Art in Theology.  He only did it to copy me.  Okay, not really, he did it so he can become a deacon.  In our diocese the men study at the same seminary as men do for priestly formation.  I realized this morning, that I am looking forward to two things; playing music in the house again (he needed silence to do homework) and no homework time. That may actually be the same thing.  Here’s a picture of John receiving his diploma from Archbishop Wenski while Bishop Barbarito (our Bishop) looks on.

2.  So I finally joined the 21st century and am the owner of a smart phone.  I purchased an iPhone, the 4s for a whole $.99 because that’s just me.  I am enjoying it.  Still need to learn more about using it.  And so far I’ve resisted putting Pinterest on it because that could be trouble.  Facebook and Twitter are enough!  So, when you get a smart phone you take pictures and of course those must include a selfie, so here is the one I took without really paying attention which turned out way better than the one I took when I was trying!
On the way to graduation.

3.  In order to put music on the phone, I need to upload the latest version of iTunes.  I have avoided this uploading of a new version since I received the iPod.  I am five or six versions behind. My daughter assures me she can make the latest version look like my old version.  I am avoiding it until absolutely necessary. But I have learned a lesson.  You should do those pesky little upgrades to latest versions so then you just have to learn a few little new things at a time rather than waiting and waiting or ignoring and ignoring and then you have to learn tons at once.

4.  Travel plans for Italy are coming together.  We have a place to sleep every night except the last three nights.  I’m not saying when we are going out here on the www at my husband’s request.  We have tickets for the Papal audience.  I had  a dream that our tickets are so special we have lunch with Pope Francis.  If the man even comes close to us I predict I will either faint or become speechless.  Anyone know of a vineyard we can tour near Assisi?  That’s a piece still missing.  As are train tickets. The sleeping arrangements were very time consuming!
5.  After last Saturday’s car accidentt John and I have agreed that all of our fun will be close to home this weekend!  Which works out since we are going to a fundraiser dinner/dance/show at our parish on Saturday.  It is to raise money for our youth going on a Steubenville retreat and a service trip too.  It combines a few of our favorite things, helping the teens, fun with our friends, music and dancing.  It will be a great night!
6.  I am controlling myself in regard to Jennifer Fulwiler’s new book, Something Other Than God.  I want to buy it NOW but since I know it will be an engrossing read, I’m waiting until my trip and then I’ll read it on the plane.  I’ll put it on my Nook.  
7. I asked this question on Twitter, but let me ask it again here, What apps would you recommend?  
Happy Mother’s Day!  I’ll raise my glass on Sunday to you.  
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7 Quick Takes: Graduation, a selfie, and a new PHONE!

2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes: Graduation, a selfie, and a new PHONE!

  • May 9, 2014 at 7:14 pm

    My husband won't even let me say we're going on a trip at all. So don't feel bad.

    All those upgrades make me want to throw something. I barely have time to learn a new technology, much less keep up with it when they change the appearance and organization. I never wanted a cell phone at all. My hubbie has an iPHone and it's definitely got many uses, but it's way too easy to overuse. We weren't meant to be this connected. Bah humbug. Although I am impressed you got it for a dollar. 🙂

  • May 25, 2014 at 5:51 pm

    Congrats to John on graduation!


    P.S. Lovely photo of you too!


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