1.  Ah yes, finally, it has happened!

I think it has been since, I have no idea, how long it’s been since I have had a day alone, to myself, in my house.  They are at work, I am not.  Coffee in my favorite mug, posts in my head which will finally come out for the internet, and some contemplation of life.  Bliss!
2.  Today is my firstborn’s birthday.  28 years ago we became parents to a 21″ long, 6 lb 7 oz boy with blue eyes.  He was just perfect!  Here he is at 3 weeks old.
Here he is now:
Doing what he does best, cooking.  I especially enjoy it when he cooks in my kitchen.

3.  What have I learned in 28 years?  Control, in regard to child-rearing, is elusive at best.  You can do the same things and what you consider to be all the right things, with more than one child and they still wind up totally different from each other.  Parenting adults is in some ways much more difficult than little ones. Plan on being surprised.  Even when they move away and you know it’s a great decision, you secretly want them to stay close;or maybe not so secretly. And on that note, we’ll be celebrating when he gets back into town!
4.  Even the weather is cooperating with my desire to hide out today.  It’s raining. This calls for more coffee and candle lighting.  I’m staying in my jammies until our dinner out tonight.  Oh yes!
5.  I’m plant sitting for three weeks.  One tomato plant, mint, and oregano need to be kept alive for my friends.  Can I do it?  Time will tell.
6.  In less than a week, my husband should be free of his external fixator and pins in his toe.  The other night he was looking at it when I changed the dressing.  He thinks it looks fat.  It does because the doctor had to shorten it to save it.  I told him once the pins are out he can exercise it. He was not amused.  However, he agreed that it’s better than no toe.
7.  In related news, I am back on my side of the bed.  I haven’t hit his toe.  I am sleeping better.  Apparently all those studies that say it takes 28 days to change a habit never investigated couples who sleep on a certain side of the bed for 30 years.
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7 Quick Takes: home alone,a birthday, and the toe

One thought on “7 Quick Takes: home alone,a birthday, and the toe

  • September 26, 2014 at 11:14 pm

    A good post for me to read tonight. And I love the picture of you and your husband–what lovely Christmas decorations!


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