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1.  Week one at my new job has been wonderful!  My office looks much better, my computer is all set up and working, sent a note to all the families registered for religious ed, I’ve spoken to some parents, and started making plans for children’s liturgy and more.
2.  Our primary delivery system for religious ed will be via an online program.  We’ll also meet once a month with all the children and youth for Faith and Fun!  There will be food too.
3.  I am carpooling now with my dear friend.  She works on one side of the bridge and I work on the other.  So, when she drives I’ll take her car over to work and when I drive I will just drop her off.  We are both excited, not only because it will save on gas and for me, help with my miles since I lease my car, but we will get to see each other almost every day and spend time together.  That is the best part.
4.  Tomorrow my husband and I are going to hear Scott Hahn speak at St. Joseph in Stuart.  We have heard him before and are looking forward to hearing him again.  It will also be nice to spend some time together.  Then, we have a dinner to attend for the community of Guadalupan sisters who serve in our parish. 
5.  I was interviewed by the local paper here on Palm Beach,  Palm Beach Daily News, The Shiny Sheet.   The article is not up as I write this, but the reporter said it would be there today.  I didn’t realize I was being interviewed until a few minutes into the conversation so I hope I said the right things.  She also wanted a picture, but I had nothing.  Thankfully, our parish secretary was able to take a photo with her phone and send it.  I say thankfully, but since I  haven’t seen the picture in print, maybe I won’t be thankful.  Oh well, it is what it is.
6.  As I have been working this week I realize how much I love to plan.  For me the possibilities are so much fun to consider.  The fact that I am back working in faith formation is very uplifting.  I can’t wait to meet the families next week and start to get to know everyone. 
7.  I meant to take a picture of my window, which I sit facing as I type, but I forgot my camera.  It really isn’t a very special window, but I see the sky, trees swaying in the breeze, every  now and again a person walks down the street.  When I get here in the morning I open the verticals to let the sunshine in so my plants will grow.  I know it’s just a window, but it is the best part of my office. Maybe.  It’s all so good. 
Peace and Pumpkins to you all!

7 Quick Takes – It’s All Good!

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