seven quick take friday 2
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1.  Some music for your Friday:  
Come as You Are by David Crowder, I keep listening to it to remind myself that all the pain and sorrow and suffering in this world can be laid down at the foot of the Cross and He’s got this for all of us.

2. A few things I’ve laid down at the Cross today, job situations for my children, numerous family/friends who are sick or have ill family members, First Penance at work tonight, Rachel’s Vineyard retreat in our diocese this weekend, and fortitude for myself.  If you’d like, pray a Memorare for all those intentions and know that I’ve prayed for you as well.  

3.  I did a webinar last night on using social media in ministry.  It’s a bit disconcerting to speak to a laptop, forward slides, and never see a face.

4.  I scare myself on the days I try to use my office key for my house and house key for my office.  They are totally different keys, one is round-ish and silver, they other square-ish and gold.  What’s even worse is when I try to open my front door by pushing my car remote.  Have you ever done that?  No need to answer, but wow, it’s freaky!

5.  How is your Lent going?  I did not make any big plans and it turns out I was right in doing this, life has been throwing me enough curve balls.  I keep praying and focusing on trying to do the right thing and moving forward.  By God’s grace, it’s working.

6.  Sorry I’m so all over the place.  I’m doing laundry while I’m writing. I also need to tidy up “my room”.  I still have not come up with a good name for my room, my space  I use it for so many purposes:  a quiet place to pray and read, an office, a sewing and craft room, , My cousin suggested “studio” but that doesn’t seem to fit.  I used “woman cave” for a while but I don’t like that much. 

7.  How about another song? It’s an old favorite of mine, especially appropriate for Lent

7 Quick Takes of Randomness to infinity & beyond….

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