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1.  First my small successes which I usually try to do on Thursdays to link up over at Catholic Mom, but, well, I am not perfect.  So we finally have my husband scheduled for his cardiac rehab which took three days and more phone calls than seemed reasonable but it’s done and he goes next week.  A big thank you to the nurse who is going out of her way to make it happen at “not the usual time”.  I put together a lovely Advent wreath, not very traditional, but since we are all adults around these parts it works.  If you want to see it come back on Sunday for the Advent Wreath Link up Party! Of course, it’s also on Facebook if you can’t wait.  And, I’ve started to de-clutter.  A box and a bag are leaving the house today.  I hope to be done by Christmas Adam.

2.  Tonight is our St. Nicholas party at work.  We have pizza and a craft, but the main point is to collect toys for a needy families.  My office looks like a toy store already with everything people have been dropping off.  It should be a fun evening.

3.  Speaking of crafts, I had ordered the Styrofoam supplies I needed to make angel ornaments.  We are going to give them away to the folks who to our annual healing Mass during Advent.  Every day I kept asking if my boxes had arrived.  Everyday, no boxes.  Well, on Tuesday I went on to the site I ordered the supplies from, clicked on my previous orders and NOTHING WAS THERE.  You know why, it was all still in my shopping cart.  Thankfully Michael’s had everything I needed.

4.  Yesterday I went shopping at three different stores for food.  First, Restaurant Depot for our Ministry Appreciation Party on Sunday and the healing Mass lunch.  Then Costco for stuff for the house but I forgot romaine lettuce for the husband’s lunch so then I went to Publix for that and stuff for tonight’s and Sunday’s party.  I also had our maintenance man pick up stuff at Sam’s Club.  Which was to take the place of Costco but it  didn’t.  I will say, that no place was crowded and that at Restaurant Depot I was with my son and my partner in crime from work which made it all much nicer.

5.  I went to the dermatologist yesterday and joined the”we should probably take a closer look at this” crowd.  I went because I had a little raised bump on my face that was new.  Turns out, it’s nothing.  It’s my mom’s fault.  I told her already so I get write this, otherwise I’d be in big trouble.  Anyway, he says, let’s look at your neck and says, “how long have you had this spot?”  I can’t even see the spot, it’s about an inch from my ear close to my hairline.  He tries to show it to me, I see my eyebrow.  It was two colors, which is no bueno, so he took a little scrape and I’ll know something in about ten days.  Not concerned, it is quite small and if it’s something, I’ll get it taken care of.  And by then, my mom will be here, so she can help.  She’ll be thrilled to have something to do!

6.  Speaking of moms, I mentioned the other day that sometimes I don’t feel like a mom so much anymore.  My daughter informed me that I was still a mom and would be forever.  I guess she’s right.

7.  I would have so much more to say if I either could remember my ideas or would stop long enough to write them down.  I try to write them down sometimes, but the word or phrase that should jog my memory just doesn’t work.  I need to use full sentences I suppose.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could attach external hard drives to ourselves so this type of thing wouldn’t happen?

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