1.  So I started the week feeling a bit, okay very BLAH as evidenced by my word art.  The act of making and posting it seemed to help me as it put my feelings into words and a very small action of kinda maybe whining about it.  It was good in that I validated myself and was able to move on to un-blah.

2. The shift can be attributed to a few things:  this Ignatian retreat which gave me much to think about in prayer; some conversations with various people; some positive feedback of some writing I did at New Evangelizers and Catholic Mom; writing and focusing on gratitude.

3.  I have a long to-do list for today.  Then it was confirmed that our wandering son will indeed be home today, which is of course wonderful news! and this now adds to my list while also subtracting to my list.  The net result is more work, but it’s worth it to be together around the table.  We’ll celebrate our two September birthdays (father and son) and the pin removal!

4.  Oh yes, my husband no longer has any devices holding his toe together.  We were so excited about the doctor visit yesterday.  When the office called to confirm the appointment on Wednesday my husband actually reminded them that the doctor needed a special instrument to remove the pins so please make sure he had it.  It was duly noted on the call sheet.  We sat down, did few preliminary things and then teh doctor came in and asked for the instruments.  There was one all sterile and ready to go and the nurse said “here it is,”  “I need the hexthingamajigy” (ok, he used the right word, I just have no idea what he said!) “Oh, this is what you said you needed.”  “Oh, (mild expletive) I forgot to bring it from home.”  My husband is not happy.  I start to pray, #MemoraraeUP and reassure my husband.  The doctor calls his surgical tool guy and he is there in the office in less than ten minutes! With the tool!   A few quick turns of the screws, and viola, he’s unpinned!  I posted a quick report on Facebook and my fav comment was from one friend who said”Unpinned, pinterest is gonna be pissed.”

5.  I have a confession, I’m burying it way down here.  I think I am killing my friend’s mint plant.  My son was no help, “mint, it’s the easiest thing to grow, how can you kill it?” I’ve given it more water and will trim it again and move it to another window.  The tomato plant is flowering though, doesn’t that count for something?

6.  We interrupt these quick takes for a coffee refill brought to you by Mystic Monk coffee, Pumpkin Spice blend.  Oh so yummy, and made even more so in my favorite mug.

7.  I have tons more to say but I need to get to work on that list, especially now that my lunch book study has been moved up.  See how I make that sound less like meeting my girlfriends for lunch and more like a very important intellectual pursuit.  
Hosted by Jen at Conversion Diary who found driving in DC the nightmare I did!

7 Quick Takes: the week in review

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