1.  I’ve started telling my friends I am in the witness protection program since I have been pretty invisible lately.  I’m visible in the virtual world, but not in real life not so  much.  And as much as I love social media and all that fun stuff, I need people, people.  I am an Extrovert. Not sure how this has happened or how to fix it.  But I must fix it before I start answering the voices in my head.  If I were not seeing people because I was holed up somewhere reading awesome books and writing and sewing that would be wonderful.  Sadly, that is not the case.

2.  We did get to go to a wedding a month ago which was very nice and relaxing.  It involved a short road trip to Tallahassee.  We saw the capital, which I had never seen before and we’ve lived here thirty years.

3.  I’m reading two books, The Shattered Lantern by Fr. Ronald  Rolheiser (non-fiction)  and The Accidental Marriage by Roger B. Thomas (fiction).  Both are equally hard to put down once I start.  The big problem with the Rolheiser book is I keep wanting to stop and tell someone “see, it;s not just me, other people have this same burning desire inside to do more” and “I’m not crazy”. I feel like he is in my head.  Thankfully,last night I had dinner with my friend who recommended the book and we talked about it.  I’m reading The Accidental Marriage for an upcoming book club at CatholicMom, so stay tuned for more on that news as it unfolds.
4.  We have visitors from the north this month.  My nephew is here now and my niece is coming Sunday.  They are staying mostly with my parents, but I’m spending today at the outlet mall with my nephew and Monday is a holiday so I’ll spend the day my niece.  The weather here is cool, really too cool for swimming but as Michael pointed out there is no snow and he can wear shorts so it’s good for him!
5.  Next Wednesday is Ash Wednesday.  I know you probably know this.  I have a favor to ask that will help all parish employees all over America.  Starting on Monday, at least once a day, post the times for Masses, Ash Distribution, whatever your parish is doing that Wednesday so that all your friends will see it and  not call the parish office.  I have posted it on the website, on Facebook, in the bulletin, sent out via electronic newsletter and it will be announced at Mass.  And people will call and they will get upset if they miss getting ashes and if I offer to give them ashes in the office they’d rather the priest.  Every now and then, when I just can’t take one more person being mad at me over ashes, I gently tell them it is not a Holy Day of Obligation and ashes are not mandatory.  Hey, it’s true. 
6.  And speaking of Lent, as you consider what your plans are, don’t hesitate to stretch yourself and grow.  Why?  Take a look at this post from Marianna Bartholomew, Third World Penances Should stir First World Souls   If you want some links all together about Lent, here is the page I put together for work.  
7. and there you have it!
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7 Quick Takes to show I am here

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