1.  I am focused on Advent.  Maybe a little too focused as I haven’t given much thought to what I need to do for Christmas.  Today is my planning and catching up day, then tomorrow Elisa and I will begin decorating the house and possibly do some baking.

2.  I will be making burbon balls this weekend for sure. I can remember making these when I was a kid.  Crushing the walnuts was an interesting experience  as there was no food processor   We had a chopper, that looked like the picture and at first it was fun, but then it hurt your hands and though there were three of us taking turns, it seemed to take forever.  We would roll the dough into balls, taste testing a bit and then powdered sugar.  They went into a tin with a bit more sugar and then we stored them in the garage, where it was cool for a few weeks until Christmas.  When you opened the tin, what a delicious smell.

3.  For full disclosure on the bourbon balls – yes we were kids, yes there is alcohol in them, my mom didn’t really ‘let’ us eat them while we were making them but we outnumbered her, and it’s not like we ate enough to get drunk.  And by the way, the recipe actually says “Booze Balls”, I just try to class it up a bit.

Not just my family

4.  My family has a Christmas dream.  And you can help make it happen. It’s not very big or life changing or difficult.  But it is fun.  We want the world to know about Christmas Adam.  I’ll have a full post about it soon.

5.  I wish I had some sort of magic blogger power to make the post look just the way I’d like without having to go nuts.  And since I’m in the mood to stay sane (or maybe I’m learning to let go) who am I kidding, I just haven’t had breakfast yet, I’m leaving that picture just where it is though it’s not where I want it.

6. A few weeks ago I put up a shelf in my cave.  It is right above my work table where I work on my various projects. It’s my DREAM shelf.  The little bear is from a dear friend and the figurine on the far right says :A day hemmed in prayer seldom unravels” which is very appropriate for a sewer,  one of my favorite images of Mary, Madonna of the Streets,  a Free Spirit angel, and a candle holder.

7. Next week is very busy at work.  We have a Ministry Party; Healing Mass with lunch; two penance services; Women’s Guild meeting with Mass, lunch and speaker; and our annual parish dinner/dance which will be much more fun than last year since I know more people, but mainly because my husband will be with me. I think I’ll try to get some extra sleep this weekend.
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