No, not mine, my dear daughter’s! I love to spend some quiet time on my children’s birthday and recall how they came into this world and what wonderful people they have become.
Elisa was born right on time and she pretty much still rolls that way.  She did not cry much, but when she did it was for a reason; she was hungry, her diaper was dirty or needed to sleep.  She went to bed without fussing and woke up happy.  She was such an easy baby.  At one, she walked and talked.  Not a few words  but sentences and sentences, to anyone and everyone, including random strangers and her dolls; she fell asleep talking and woke up talking. By far, the cutest thing she did was suck her thumb and play with her ear lobe.  If you held her when she was very tired she would stroke your ear lobe. 
Elisa has always had a problem with people who don’t follow the rules.  The only time she was in trouble in elementary school was when she stood up in the cafeteria and yelled at a boy who was being mean to another student.
She is now a senior in college, finishing her degree in English.  She wants to write fiction,help people, and live abroad for a few years.  She is full of dreams for her future and I am amazed at the young woman she has become. Some of her personality traits have not changed at all, while others have either vanished or gone into hiding.
I am proud to call her my daughter, blessed that God loaned her to me, and believe that her life will be as big as her dreams.

A Birthday

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