I’m sitting in the family room, facing the backyard.  The sky is overcast, the wind cutting through the palm trees, I can hear the whir of lawn maintenance going on somewhere.  If this were anywhere but here, I’d say it looked like snow.  While it is cool, it is not going to snow.

We traveled over Christmas break this year to our families in New York.  It was wonderful to see my family and celebrate my dad’s 80th birthday.  We were able to get into Manhattan to see the tree,the windows and St. Patrick Cathedral.  I also saw the Naked Indian in Times Square, well not entirely naked, he had a headdress, boots and underwear. I felt like such a tourist, we couldn’t remember what street things were on and which way to go.  It was so crowded, more people than I ever recall in one place.  There was even a line to get into the M&M store!

The travelling threw my off my usual routine of downtime and planning between Christmas and New Year’s so I am behind.  Coupled with having some sort of bug the last few days and I am way behind.  The good news my husband will be at seminary this weekend so I will have lots of alone time.  And what will I do with this alone time?

I need to dig out my studio.
I want to choose a “word” for this year.
Some writing to do.
Put away the Christmas decorations. Unless someone else in the house takes pity on me and does it before the weekend.
Set my goals for the year.
Clean out my clothes.
Make lists and lists and lists and schedules because that’s what works for me!  And then I send those lists to my elves and it all gets done.  Wow, the cold must have settled in my brain.

So far all I have done for this new year is determine my saint, which is St. Martha.  When I told my husband she is the patron of hospitality he got nervous.
If you’d like a patron saint, click over to the Saint Generator and see what happens!

A week into 2014

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