Yesterday’s plan was fun and relaxation; an all day date was planned.  And it went awry.  We decided to take a drive to Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales, about two hours away.  Rain was in the forecast but it’s Florida, there’s always rain in the forecast.  Sometimes it’s raining in Jupiter and not in Palm Beach Gardens, so we figured we’d go anyway.
Off we go, pray the rosary as we begin and then just chatting.  We get off the turnpike and it starts to drizzle.  Then pour.  I pull out my new phone and check the weather map.  Not looking good at all. By now it’s pouring even harder but we are on a two lane road with no place to turn around.  Finally we are able to turn and I remark that we are close to the outlet mall and he says, “I was thinking that too” so combined with his comment the day before that he needed new shoes – we go East!  (An aside, he never says things like “I need new shoes”; is that what he learned in seminary?)
We both score shoes.  But the rain seems to have moved with us and the mall is indoors, all the stores open out.  We pop into another store and get a few things we needed.  We get back into the car and decide to stop shopping and go to a late lunch at a Greek restaurant we like.  We had a great lunch.

spinach pie, green beans, gyro platter; leftovers yum!
white wine sangria

It’s still raining. A pick up truck is driving erratically and we maneuver around him and lose him.  As we are stopped at a red light, we get hit, hard from behind.  I hear glass shattering before I feel the impact and all of a sudden we are across the intersection.  I find my phone and call 911.  I tell the woman where we are, that no one seems hurt, and briefly what happened.  Then she transfers me to someone else and I repeat it all again.  She is very nice and makes sure I am okay before she gets off the phone with me.  I realize I cannot catch my breath and my heart is beating very fast and I am shaking.  But I’m coherent, my neck moves in all the directions it should and there’s no blood so I figure I’m good.  John is in the same condition.  The police get there, along with two other rescue trucks.  The ask us questions, we answer.  I get out of the car because I can’t sit still, not caring about the rain.  I have an umbrella but it is covered in glass in the back seat so I don’t bother with it.
One of the firemen cut off part of our bumper so it won’t drag or scrape the tire so we can drive home.  Another one gets our shopping bags out of the trunk and I put them in the back seat.
John gives the police the pertinent information and finds the registration.  The driver of the truck, a Ford F150 with extended cab, comes over and asks if we are okay. It’s the same guy who we were trying to avoid!
The police have us move into a parking lot.  We sit there a long time before the policeman gives our documents back and the accident report and a card with his name and a case number and website.
In the meantime we look at the truck which is parked with the side that hit us facing us and it looks like there is no damage at all.  And my car is a mess.

We are okay, but I know that may change as the day progresses.  The car, well, it’s repairable I hope or else replaceable, but what a pain!
Accidents happen
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