Since I am in charge of planning 40 Hours, I’ve been thinking about what people need when they go to adoration. I leave rosaries out along with How to pamphlets on the rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet. Then I have this neat little handout on How to Pray a Holy Hour which I copy and leave out for people to take. A few months ago I also left prayer booklets and books with Eucharistic meditations, those were often taken by people when they left, so this time around I have fewer spiritual aids.
I know what I like to bring with me whenever I go. My journal, bible, iPod for music, rosary, and chaplet, and a sweatshirt. Sometimes I bring a book to read or a bible study to work on. When I go with my husband, we usually pray the rosary together with earphones so we don;t disturb others. Then we each have time for our personal prayers and readings. I like to pray the rosary first, to settle myself down. Then I pray quietly, write in my journal and read. I like to sit on the floor, as close as possible to the monstrance and just soak up all the grace from being in his presence.
I like to go at least once a week. It is so calming. When I can’t get to an adoration chapel, I go to our chapel and sit before the tabernacle. It is truly the most satisfying prayer time.


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