What simple and beautiful images we are presented with in this chapter. We know Advent is a time of waiting and anticipation; it also a time of darkness and growth. The analogy of a seed being buried in dark soil, much like the images of seeds Jesus used is there to be pondered. As I think about it, I realize I have an urge to be still, to wait in darkness until new life rushes forth. It is like giving birth, you wait and wait, life growing and then in a rush, the new life is here! And nothing is the same ever again.

In Mary’s case, nothing was ever the same again for her and the whole world! But before we can see Jesus and the abundance, he came to give us, we must wait. “There must be a period of gestation before anything can flower” (pg 66).

Houselander also talks about how our work is to bring Christ to all the places we go in all that we do. She suggests that instead of thinking about how much work or some task helps me grow closer to God think rather that you are bringing Christ to places that might not otherwise have him.

She also is concerned with people being too busy. Since Houselander died in 1954, what do you think she’d say about us in our time? It is also the reminder that we think of ourselves as being unique, yet maybe our troubles with waiting are not unique at all.

What is growing in you this Advent season? What are you pondering? What will spring forth at the end of this season?

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