I will try to post each day what strikes me as I read.

The lust of the flesh …also refers to that love of comfort, to that reluctance to stir ourselves or even to be alert, which drives us to seek that which is least uncomfortable, what is most pleasurable, the path offered us that seems the shorter and less arduous, even at the cost of failing in faithfulness to God. (In Conversation with God)

That hit me right between the eyes and as much as I did not want to read it the first time, I read it about five times! I have been reluctant to stir myself, yes I have. I have all sorts of excuses, but in reality I am allowing my desire to be comfortable to win over my need and desire to do what is right for my relationship with God. And other areas suffer as well; my school work, my house, and sometimes my husband.

Lord, help me to stir myself to become the person you are calling me to be.

Advent – Day 1

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