It’s time to get ready!  Not for Christmas, but for Advent. Advent begins on Sunday, Nov. 29 and ends on Christmas Eve, Dec 24.  It is a time of waiting for the birth of Jesus, our Savior.  It’s not Christmas time.  Christmas time is Dec.25 until Jan 10, 2016 which is the Baptism of the Lord. So you have plenty of time to celebrate Christmas without starting in November.

I am quite proud of myself this year in that I planned ahead to get my Advent wreath supplies early.  Of course, this was done in anticipation of not being able to drive after my foot surgery, but please allow me the illusion of being well prepared.  I’m putting together the same style wreath as last year, adding some purple and rose ribbons on the white candles.  ca2a7-img_0553Here’s last year’s, just imagine it with the ribbon.  It’s not traditional but it works!

Then of course it’s helpful to have a devotional book to use with your wreath. This is my current favorite.  O Radiant Dawn by Lisa M. Hendey.

I light the candles when I do my morning prayers.  It’s also nice to light them at dinner time when the family is all together.  Pray your Advent prayers after dinner or before bed or when it works for your family, but try to make the time to do it. Even if you can’t do it every day, it is worth the effort.

There are also some wonderful on-line resources:

Praying Advent 2015 from Creighton University

Advent Moments of Mercy from Loyola Press (delivered to your inbox)

Daily Advent Calendar from the United Stated Bishops, this also has Blessings for a wreath, manger, and tree.

Best Advent Ever, Rediscover Mercy from Dynamic Catholic (delivered to your inbox)

If you have other suggestions, add them in the comment box.

Happy Advent!





Advent is Coming
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