“Lord, bathe us in your light. Allow it to wash over us, filling us with renewed hope and energy to do your will. “                              — from A Catholic Family Advent
It’s mid week into the first week of Advent, just four days.  How’s it all going? Very well, thanks.  We have lit our wreath, all three of us together 75% of the time.  We are using Lisa Hendey’s book, O Radiant Dawn and it works for us quite well.  Check out Julie Davis’ review.  We don’t sing the song though, just not us.  What I really like is it gives us a reason to sit down together as a family, pray and then talk about other things when we are done.  With three adults who have four jobs among us, plus one studying very hard in seminary plus the “season” and all it entails, plus ministry, plus plus, you get the idea, dinner together happens rarely, but at the end of the day we are usually all home.  It’s a shift from when we lit the wreath at dinner time, but the important thing is that we do.  
What a better way to pray in Advent than with the ones you love?  
Advent, Week 1

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