Advent begins on December 2 this year.  So you still have some time to get a wreath organized.  We have not used an advent wreath in a very long time but we are going to use one again this year.  When our children were young we lit the candles each night at dinner, each child taking turn lighting the candle and blowing it out.

I was at the store buying supplies to teach our moms’ group how to make a wreath, when I saw this beautiful fabric and so I bought it for our Advent wreath.  I’ll show it to the moms as well, since it was very easy to make.

1 12 inch Styrofoam wreath
6 inches of 44″ wide fabric
4 straight pins
Advent candles

Cut fabric into 4 –  1 1/2 ” strips; mark and make 4 indentations in the wreath for the candles; wrap the fabric around the wreath, using straight pins to secure, put candles in wreath.

I think you could also use ribbon instead of fabric and that would save the cutting step.

Simple, but pretty. It will go on our dining room table with the purple table scarf under it.

Advent Wreath
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