So, it has been almost thirty days since I learned about the mass on my thyroid. It has been an interesting few weeks. I have reaffirmed my belief that I do not enjoy going to the doctor or hospital or having tests done. Who really does though?
Two weeks ago I had a nuclear scan. Not invasive at all, just pictures of the thyroid after you take 4 little pills which make you radioactive! Yes, I am not kidding. I was told to stay away from children, which is very difficult when you are a DRE and have classes that same day. Classes which are attended by many children who want to hug you hello and stop and talk to you and help you with passing out books. I had two options, go and put a fence around myself or let my assistant handle the classes. So, my assistant took over and that set off a chain of events which I am still trying to resolve.
At this point I am told I need to have a needle biopsy, which I am considering not having since I do not believe I have cancer. The thought is based on my natropath’s conclusion as well as my husband’s conclusion. Since my husband certainly has a very personal interest in keeping me healthy, I am sticking with him rather than a needle in my neck!

Almost 30 days

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  • October 19, 2007 at 12:01 am

    Blessings to you and sympathy, as I recently went through the same ordeal with my thyroid. With many prayers and naturopathic intervention, though, the mass “mysteriously” vanished. A major blessing, as I was pregnant with my 11th child at the time! Very scary! Praying for you in my rosary tonight.


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