Amazing Event for Catholic Moms

The Catholic Moms Summit has brought together tens of thousands of moms from all over the world for the biggest gathering of its kind EVER. It’s been an amazing experience. 

I’ve been watching on and off all weekend and the talks are well done and engaging. The topics range from everything to makeup tips (I think I’m getting an eyelash curler) to how to heal from miscarriages to caring for aging parents and help to navigate technology with your children.

The All Access Pass lets you enjoy things at your own pace…on your own, with a friend, or in your mom’s group. You get:

  • Lifetime Access to all of the Summit’s 83 presentations plus the recorded 14 LIVE events
  • Audio Playlist for all 40 hours of content so you can listen on the go!
  • A Pass to Danielle Bean’s Embrace: Joy, a 21 Day Guided Course on Balancing Your Life as a Mother (starts after Thanksgiving)
  • You Directly Support Me and My Family during these crazy times 🙂 

Just upgrade here and continue to watch everything at your own pace!

Amazing Event for Catholic Moms

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