That’s right folks, we are going to Italy.  I made the airline reservations today.  I started a Pinterest board for places we want to visit.  I have a folder with bookmarked sites of travel blogs, train schedules, monasteries to stay in and maps with travel distances.  Twenty-one days to travel north and south, visit the mountains, swim in the Mediterranean and sample wine.
We’ll be as far north as Florence and south to Cosenza, which is in Calabria.  Actually, the town we are going to is called Laurignano; my dad’s home town and where some of my cousins, an aunt and uncle live.
I have a few months to plan the trip, but if you have any suggestions or great restaurants or must see hidden places, pass them on please.
 I know for certain we are going to Rome, Assisi, Florence, and maybe Siena.  I have an aversion to viewing saint’s bodies, whole or parts, but cemeteries or catacombs are fine. Tours are good but not all the time. I speak enough Italian to probably get myself in trouble. We are not getting a car so we’ll take trains and public transportation and walk.  We’ll need to walk so I can have gelato as often as possible, not to mention wine.  Oh, wait I mentioned wine already, didn’t I? I read you can bring wine on the train to have along with your panini.  How civilized!  Yet another reason to take the train rather than drive yourself.
It will be a grand and wondrous trip.

Andiamo a Italia

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