Diane's VoiceGod, our creator and guide, we ask you to send wisdom to those who seek a cure for ovarian cancer and compassion to the doctors and nurses who care for those who are sick.  Be with the families and friends of all those who suffer.  To those who are sick, give them strength and courage.  And for those who have died, we ask that they may be forever in your company.

God, grant us good judgment as we set out to be Diane’s Voice to educate others about ovarian cancer.  Help us to be the hands that serve and the hearts that love so that our voices are heard.  Amen

I wrote this as the invocation to an Ovarian Cancer Awareness event as part of Diane’s Voice.  Diane’s Voice is an organization devoted to education about ovarian cancer and founded at the request of my dear friend, Diane.

As we begin Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

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