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It can sometimes seems that grower closer to God, being grateful and living a life of abundance is something God calls others to, not you. Because I’m broken, sad, not enough, too tall, too short, run slowly, wear glasses, don’t have enough children, or wear the wrong shoes. Plus, there is laundry all over the bed that needs folding but I just keep moving it from the bed to the chair and really, you are much smarter so you God wants to be close to you, not me.

Okay, I may have exaggerated a bit but maybe not. The point is, we keep our junk, our stuff that we carry around inside of ourselves as a reason to stay away from our Father who made us and knows all about us. Emily Wilson Hussem has written a 52 week devotional meant to help you look inward and outward, to receive God’s abundance and stop thinking you aren’t good enough. Each week has a short 2 page(ish) reflection, soul exercises which are a few questions meant for you to pray and ponder about each week and then a prayer for the week. The topics range from learning to love as God does, accepting his grace, serving others, finding peace to body image, change and prayer.

Emily uses scripture, saints, and personal stories in her reflections. She has an easy to read and relate to style, like having coffee with a friend, not preachy or overbearing. Who would benefit from this book? Women without tons of time to devote to spiritual reading and prayer, someone who is looking for a way to grow closer to God, by practicing gratitude. As far as what age, I’d say college age on up, maybe high school seniors.

The book is published by Ave Maria Press and is available on Amazon. If you have any questions, I’ll do my best to answer them!

Awaken my Heart, A Devotional for Women
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