I am away helping my parents for a week. This is the first time I’ve had to do this. My dad had quadruple by-pass 2 weeks ago. Now that he is home and recovering my mom is of course taking care of him. I came so Mom could have some freedom to get out and do the things she usually does and I’ll stay home with Dad. He does not need tons of help, but is not quite up to being alone for hours or getting his own meals. Or cooking dinner as he often does.
I will get to see my son next week while I’m here and my sister and brother and respective families. So, though I’m not on vacation, it is a bit of a down time, which I am glad to have.

It is difficult to see my parents as getting older and I do wonder what will happen as the years progress and they need care on a regular basis. I pray that when the time comes everyone recognizes it and is willing to work together.


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