Be Brave in the Scared by Mary E. Lenaburg

The subtitle of this book is “How I Learned to Trust God During the Most Difficult Days of my Life” and it is no exaggeration. I’ve heard many people’s stories over the years and lived a few of my own, but how Mary learned to ask for and accept God’s mercy blew me away. Don’t think though, this is one long sob story or pity party; it isn’t. I enjoyed this book for what it taught me about me.

I laughed out loud, cried, and nodded in agreement as I read. My favorite chapter is 6, Acceptance. Mary says, “We don’t choose our trials, but when a trial comes, we’re offered a choice: we can fuss and complain about the injustice in the world, or we can…wait for it…accept it.” What is worse than a complainer? No one is worse than a complainer, they wear you out, don’t they? When we accept our trials, we can have joy. And isn’t that what we all want?

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For a few years, I have been a part of Unbound prayer ministry and I can tell you that Mary is spot on with the 3 lies Satan tells us. I’ll tell you what she says, “you deserve pain and suffering, you can successfully avoid pain and suffering and God doesn’t care” and I’ll tell you that when I pray with people I hear those lies quite often.

I’m not going to write any more quotes. It makes more sense for you to read the book yourself. So if you ever wonder why you are having this trial or difficulty, if you are living life wondering how on earth God expects you to handle all of THIS, if you want to be encouraged and know you are not alone, read this book. Be prepared for honesty, transparency and authenticity. I think you, like me, will not only see the hand of God on Mary’s life but yours as well. And you might learn how to trust God in your difficult days.

Be Brave in the Scared by Mary E. Lenaburg

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